The procedure that we follow at  is based on an online consultation through our intelligent custom form which collects information on drug allergies, relevant medical history and previous urological history and urinary infections as well as the symptoms that are presented by the patient, along with the result of a test strip of urine (being advisable but not essential) collecting in this way the same information that could be obtained in a face-to-face consultation.

This form is evaluated by a specialist urologist to determine the diagnosis of the urinary tract infection and to prepare a personalized treatment for each patient, with the individualized medical prescription in the form of a totally valid and legal prescription in the European field and by means of hygienic-dietytic recommendations and habits that is refered via e-mail to the patient.


From we recommend going to your usual center, follow an evolutionary control and check if the symptoms don’t improve within 48-72 hours of starting treatment or have fever sustained for more than 24-48 hours.  fulfills the legal requirements of cross-border European recipes, included in the Royal Decree 1718/2010, of December 17, about medical prescription and dispensing orders, published in the BOE January 20, 2011 Ref. BOE-A-2011-1013 and revised on December 23, 2015, as well as in accordance with the regulation of official prescriptions and the special requirements for prescribing and dispensing narcotic drugs for human use, Royal Decree 1675/2012, of December 14. Ref. BOE-A-2012-15711 and the European Parliament and Council Directive 2011/24/EU, of 9 March 2011 on the implementation of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare and on Commission Implementing Directive 2012/52 /EU of 20 December 2012 laying down measures to facilitate the recognition of medical prescription issued in another Member State.