There are many curious facts about the dreaded urine infections. In this post we tell you 10 facts that surely won’t leave you indifferent:

  1. Urinary infections continue to be one of the most common types of bacterial infection in humans, after respiratory infections.
  2. In the hospital, 25% of the infectious processes correspond to symptomatic urinary infections, which represents a third part of the consumption of antibiotics in a hospital.
  3. This pathology represents more than 10% of the work casualties.
  4. The most important risk groups for the ease of presenting bacteria in the urine without presenting symptoms are newborns, pregnant women, diabetics, hypertensives, patients with immunosuppressive treatment, among others.
  5. According to some authors like Stamey, there is a “biological predisposition” in women who have recurrent urinary tract infections. Their hypothesis argues that these women would have defective perineal and vaginal defense mechanisms, so they would be more susceptible to colonization by pathogens.
  6. This illness alters normal daily activity, both work and social, generates anxiety and creates difficulty to sleep.
  7. Its prevalence has increased in recent decades, especially among young people, which has led to an increase in the demand for health care, especially in the emergency room.
  8. Urine infections affect males from the few weeks of life to the old age, with figures reaching up to 70% between the ages of 18 and 40.de sentado.ensidad del dolor y no poder deambular de forma correcta debido al roce, el paciente encuentra alivio en la posicita
  9. Due to the intensity of the pain and not being able to walk properly due to rubbing, the patient finds relief while sitting.
  10. There is insufficient evidence of the impact of urinary tract infections on fertility. On the other hand, if chronically altered semen quality clearly demonstrable.

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